Tafrij Karaba Project

There is no doubt that the donation of anguish is one of the greatest kinship and the association always seeks to provide emergency assistance from financial subsidies to the families of sick, deceased, orphans, divorced and needy according to the need of each beneficiary and the assistance for this project amounted to 60,789 riyals.

Tayseer Project

Your contribution to this project will be delivered by the Association on time, to meet the needs of the poor of a good and unified class of the people of the country, where the association takes an amount of (20) riyals depending on the quality of rice per mushroom, which you graduate in kind.

Construction project

Your contribution to this project will provide those in need with cash at regular monthly intervals to help them meet their cash needs to ensure a decent living.

Zakat al-Fitr

Your contribution to this project helps to provide quality humanitarian services by washing and processing the dead and ensuring that they are transported inside and outside the region. This project is one of the humanitarian projects implemented by the Association through the offices scattered near al-Ahsa cemeteries, which is based on the Center for the Honor of the Dead of the Bar Association in Voelj.

Ensuring orphans
  • Beneficiaries 87 orphans
  • Revenue 47,397 Riyals
  • Expenses SR 154,350
Zakat and cash assistance

The association supported the families of Khal in 1439, amounting to 700,300 riyals in cash assistance and zakat for 281 beneficiaries of the poor, the poor, the disabled, divorced, widows, the disabled, the families of prisoners in Voueland and surrounding villages.

Family Care Project

The Committee for the Care of Needy Families provides subsidies, food, school bags, eid clothing and mushroom zakat, with a regular food basket throughout the year of basic commodities to ease the burden on the family by providing their daily needs.

Support ing sympering episodes

The association contributes to the support of the Office of the Supervision of the Memorization of the Holy Quran in Voelaq by honoring the teachers and the good of the memorization workshops.

Fasting Breakfast Project

This charitable warehouse carries out this project annually during the holy month of Ramadan in a number of locations and mosques and the number of meals provided daily in the locations 320 meals, as well as the project provides assistance to families at home by providing Ramadan food.

Al-Hadi and Al-Adhaproject

In cooperation with the Esma bank for development and the Committee for the Benefit of Gifts and Sacrifices, the Association distributed 1,500 carcasses this year to the beneficiaries.

Winter and eid satiat

The charity warehouse is carrying out this project without providing winter clothing of blankets, heaters and winter clothes, as well as eid clothing for the beneficiaries.

(العربية) التدريب والتأهيل

Believing in the importance of training and qualifying young people to suit the labor market, the Institute of the Charitable Society in Voelj has this year graduated 45 trainees and obtained the certificate of completion of the data entry course and processing texts approved by the General Foundation for Technical and Vocational Training.

Food Basket Project

The charity warehouse provided the beneficiaries with various food items through several projects, including the family assistance project every two months, the food basket support project and the Ramadan basket project.


This campaign is carried out in the holy month of Ramadan every year and gives the opportunity in this project to citizens and residents alike and the number of beneficiaries of this project for the year 1439 h 150 pilgrims.

Service to mosques

The architecture of mosques is either sensual or moral. Its sensory architecture is to build, restore and maintain and provide the services it needs, and this is what the association is doing, which has maintained air conditioners and carpet brushes for a number of mosques.

Desalination and charitable watering project

This project provides desalinated water to 92 families free of charge, as well as the mobilization of refrigerators belonging to the project, which are scattered at mosques, mosques, places of labor gathering and on the roads, as well as provide service to the rest of the residents of Al-Fawlik at nominal prices, and this project came for lack of sweet water in The Fuel.