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Banqueting from hotels, restaurants, palaces, restrooms and homes. Which the field team to sort out this surplus and rearrange and promising the needy

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Islamic Law Called For The Realization Of The Concept Of Social Solidarity, And Considered It A Duty On Every Muslim, The Islamic Community As Portrayed
The Messenger Of Allah – May Allah Bless Him And Grant Him Peace – “Like The Strong Sons Of One Another”.

Operational objectives

  • Improving the standard of living of poor families and ensuring orphans and families in need and seeking to make them productive.
  • Rehabilitation and training of children of needy families to meet the needs of their families.
  • Contribute to raising the social and cultural level in the society according to the available possibilities.
  •  Preparing rehabilitation, training and educational programs for different groups of society.
  • Spreading social awareness and educating community members on the best ways to meet the challenges and challenges.
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